14ct Yellow Gold Emerald Claddagh Pendant


14CT GOLD EMERALD CLADDAGH – this exquisitely crafted 14-carat gold traditional Claddagh pendant symbolises friendship, love and loyalty. At the heart of this ancient Gaelic design is embedded a gorgeous green emerald.
Height 2.5cm Width 2cm



14ct yellow gold Emerald Claddagh Pendant with a 18″ gold chain.

The amazing Claddagh has an amazing story dating back to the 16th Century.
Born in the little fishing town of Claddagh, County Galway, Richard Joyce was swept away and enslaved as a goldsmith. When he won his freedom he returned home to his beloved Claddagh. There, he gave his lost love a gold ring he had made depicting his two hands cradling a crowned heart , the very first Claddagh ring. The ring became renowned as an emblem of love, loyalty and friendship. When the heart is turned inward it signifies that your heart is taken. When you direct the heart outwards it signifies that you are looking for love. The Claddagh is the most well known piece of Jewellery in Ireland with such a lovely meaning it is worn all over the world by many Nationalities.


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