Silver Harp Brooch With Shamrocks


Sterling silver brooch with marcasite and green enamel shamrock detailing. The Harp is the national emblem of Ireland.
2 inches in length.

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This is a brooch and a pendant made exclusively for our Store. It beautifully made with marcasite surrounding the harp with small enamel green shamrocks. This would be a treasured gift for any occasion.

The Harp is the national emblem of Ireland. It is a wire-string instrument which requires great skill and lengthy practice to play. In ancient times the harp was associated with the upper classes of Celtic society. The harp appears on the coins and coat of arms of the Republic of Ireland.

The name ‘Shamrock’ comes from the Irish Word ‘seamrog’ which is the Irish for ‘Little plant’.It is one plant made of three parts.The Celts placed great emphasis on the number 3. For them, it represented life as a whole through the three branches of past, present and future, and all of earth through the three elements of sky, earth and underground.

It is the National emblem of the Emerald Isle since the 18th century and many believe that wearing a piece of green shamrock with keep them safe from harm.The shamrock is a recognised Irish symbol, and is worn around the world to celebrate Ireland on St Patrick’s Day.


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