Silver Connemara Marble & Marcacite Trinity Knots Brooch


Sterling silver brooch with traditional Celtic design surrounding the Real Connemara Marble

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Connemara is one of the most quintessential Irish regions, renowned for it’s culture, tradition and native Irish-speaking Gaeltacht areas. Irish language and culture are a key part of everyday life in Connemara, and it has become one of the most loved destinations in the country, for tourists and natives alike.
The word Connemara comes from the Gaelic meaning “Inlets for the Sea”. When you go there you cannot help but be bowled over by it’s awe-inspiring beauty. This beautiful marble, estimated to be over six hundred million years old, gets its range of green colour tones from the various natural elements only found in the limestone in this remote and rugged region on Ireland’s Atlantic coast.
The marble forms when limestone is heated under pressure. While the colour is predominately green there are often shades of grey and brown seen throughout. 4000 year old axes made from Connemara Marble in the Stone Age can be seen in our National Museum of Ireland.


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